Looking for that perfect beach themed gift? Many of our best selling products are below, but if you are looking for something special in jewelry, check out popular Octopus Necklace. Wine glasses make popular gifts, so consider one that won’t spill on the boat!  There are many great options from home decor to bejeweled trinket boxes! If you need ideas, just give us a call at 409-766-1776. We also do amazing corporate gifts.

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Sea Stripe Dishtowel


Sea Garden Shea Butter Balm 5.5oz


Sea Garden Body Lotion 8oz.


Bottle Topper Octopus


Tina’s Blend Tarts 4-Pack


Tina’s Blend Linen & Room Spray


Shower Bursts Signature Variety Pack


Turtle Dangle Earrings


Portable Wine Glass

The Admiralty Gift Card


Tina’s Blend Candle-50 hours Aqua


Jellyfish Dangle Earrings


Wood Galveston Maps


Morning Tide Candles – Dozen 30 Hour Square


Sand & Water Drop Necklace


Kraken Pendant with Blue Mabe Pearl


Mermaid Necklace with Pearls


Octopus Necklace


Kraken Earrings with Blue Mabe Pearl


Whirlpool Galaxy 3″ Celestial Series


Octopus Shot Glass Holder